We bring your ideas into focus.


Wanna see the future? We offer strategic planning, grant writing, and future scenarios to make sure you get where you want to go.


Need things done right? We manage projects and programs with an emphasis on delivering value with a people-focused, iterative approach.


Want a hand for just a day or for the long term? We can work out a package that meets your individual organizational goals.


We help companies, governments, and organizations solve problems, identify and harness opportunities, and realize their visions. Our clients are experts in their fields and we empower them to achieve even more impact with the right combination of human talent, technology, systems, and happy hours.

About Us

Our people are what set Anneal apart.  Jamie and Jen bring dedication, expertise, and creativity to every project they undertake (and sometimes cookies, if you are lucky). At the core of our award winning work is a focus on value and impact. Our vision and energy help lay out a course for the future and bring people on board to craft that future.

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