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Why We’re Here

At Anneal, we believe that technology is a tool for people and organizations to shape the future. We believe in inclusion, transparency, and the power of collaboration. We believe in doing serious work but never taking yourself too seriously.

The Story Behind Our Name

Annealing is a process in metalsmithing where you heat metal to a certain temperature in order to improve its malleability. This technique aligns the molecular structure within the metal, softens the material, relieves internal stresses, and makes it possible to turn a raw chunk of metal into a work of art or beautiful piece of jewelry. Not only does the annealing process make metal easier to work with, but the end result is a stronger final product.

We at Anneal, Inc. do the same thing for our clients: We create conditions that help craft something new with minimal resistance and improved strength.

Who We Are

Jen Chang

Jen believes that technology can be a powerful tool for social change and community empowerment. With her experience in the corporate, non-profit, and policy making sectors, she brings an interdisciplinary approach to her work. Trained as a lawyer and a librarian, she has an eye for detail, strong problem solving skills, and a spirit of service. Whereas many people fear change, Jen thrives on it and strives to shepherd her clients through the process of creating something new and impactful.

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Jamie Hollier

Jamie is passionate about technology and how it can be used to create stronger communities. She has a diverse skillset that brings a breadth of knowledge to her projects. Jamie is an accomplished speaker and presents regularly on the topics of technology and community development, digital literacy, project management, and marketing. She has been honored as a White House “Champion of Change” and has been the project lead for award winning projects.

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Our Collaborators

If you’re only as good as the company you keep, well, then we’re in pretty great shape.

Commerce Kitchen

Commerce Kitchen is a dev studio that began in 2003 and builds some of the best software around. Their skilled developers, designers, and consultants architect high performance web-based software and offer ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Lark IT

Lark IT

Lark provides IT consulting and support in Linux and Windows environments, making sure they find the best solutions. They also help businesses seamlessly transition to Google Apps.

Learning Alchemy

Mary Beth Faccioli is a leader in instructional design, adult learning, and online instruction.


Crystal and the team are talented trainers and facilitators, both in person and online.

Susan Burkholder

Susan brings years of experience and thoughtfulness to her work in evaluation and reporting.

Jenny Rathmell

Jenny Rathmell has the heart of a librarian and the meticulousness of an accountant.

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