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Client: Public Library Assoc.

The Challenge

15% of Americans don’t use the Internet. These individuals often have less opportunities economically, educationally, and socially due to a lack of digital literacy skills. Libraries, non-profits, and government agencies across the nation are working to ensure these individuals are not excluded from our increasingly online society but these organizations lack the resources needed to meet the demand for training and support.

The Solution

The Public Library Association, with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, set out to create an online hub for digital literacy support and training. was created to provide access to engaging and easy to use online classes for digital skills learners as well as a community of practice for digital literacy trainers to share resources, tools, and best practices.


Market Research
Project Planning


Project Management
Vendor and Stakeholder Management


Ongoing Project Support
Training and Facilitation

Project Elements

Well Researched

User research and personas were at the core of the responsive site design.


A collection of interactive and responsive online classes allow users to gain new skills at their own pace.

Building Community

A community of practice where people can engage in conversation, share resources, post events, and more allow for people across the nation to connect with peers.



of first year goal for # of users


of first year goal for class completions

registered community members


For everyone involved from top to bottom: Thank you. You are giving us the best gift one could ever receive: free education, which is a key that can open any door in life.


When I started a new position recently, I met with my new supervisor to go over technology training ideas. As we traded our favorite resources, came up right away. It almost went without saying that we both knew about it!

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