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Client: Crew Connection

The Challenge

Crew Connection is a leader in providing film and video crewing services across the globe. Their personal and hands on approach, from finding the right crew and putting together estimates all the way through final invoicing, has made them the go-to provider in the industry. However, Crew Connection knew it was time to update and diversify the ways that they meet their customers’ needs and hired Anneal to help them develop and execute a plan for a new approach.

The Solution

Anneal leveraged strategic foresight, market and trend research, and customer interviews (with Crew Connection’s clients and crews) to determine what new services and approaches would provide the most value for the company’s future. Anneal then worked closely with Crew Connection to select vendors and manage the process to build out a new web-based self-service platform to provide multi-channel support to their clients and crews and further scale their business operations.


Trend and Market Research
Strategy Development
Product and Project Planning


Product Ownership
Vendor Management


Ongoing Project Support
Change Management

Project Elements

Well Researched

Market research and customer interviews were at the core of product development.

Thoughtfully Executed

Anneal worked closely with the staff of Crew Connection to ensure that the final product aligned with their operational and organizational goals every step of the way.


Through a phased launch approach, multiple trainings, and on-site support, Anneal was there to help Crew Connection and their users ease into their new process.

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