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Go Code Colorado

Client: Colorado Secretary of State

The Challenge

Public data is collected by governmental agencies across the state of Colorado and is available to state residents through the Colorado Information Marketplace. However, this data is often not presented in a format that is useful or meaningful to the public. Many businesses can benefit from the use of public data if it were presented in a user-friendly format and coupled with other data sets.

The Solution

The Colorado Department of State, along with many other state agencies, created the Business Intelligence Center (BIC) program to make more public data sets freely available and to increase the usability of that data. Go Code Colorado, an apps challenge and the premier initiative of BIC, was crafted by a collection of state agencies, stakeholders, and contractors to address business problems through the development of applications that leverage public data.


Market Research
Project Planning


Project Management
Vendor and Stakeholder Management


Ongoing Project Support
Training and Facilitation

Project Elements

Business and Tech

Business leaders set up challenges that the development community addressed using government and public data.


Events were held across the state of Colorado (in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, and Fort Collins).

Building Community

Google, Sendgrid, Rally, Esri, and 25 others provided financial and in-kind support to bring this project to life.


people attended events

media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, covered Go Code Colorado

teams competed

Winner of State Innovation of the Year from State Scoop50
Winner of Project of the Year from the Colorado Technology Association

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