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We help companies, governments, and organizations solve problems, identify and harness opportunities, and realize their visions. Our clients are experts in their fields and we empower them to achieve even more impact with the right combination of human talent, technology, vision, systems, and happy hours.


Whether you have a grand vision in mind, or an idea that is not yet fully formed, we can help you develop it into a robust and workable path forward. Starting with information gathering and learning all the way through to plan creation, we will work along side you as a partner, meshing your knowledge and skills with our own.

A few of our offerings in strategy:

  • Trend and Market Research
  • Strategy and Scenario Development
  • Product and Project Planning


Has this every happened at your workplace? A need is identified and a consultant is brought in to provide some guidance. The consultant submits a report or sometimes even a concrete plan of action. Then the report or plan just sits on someone’s desk and nothing happens.

Many of our clients come to us because they are unfamiliar with digital projects, they don’t have capacity to take on a new project, or they just don’t think that executing a particular project in house is an efficient use of their time or resources. We will work with your organization every step along the way to make your ideas a reality.

Execution offerings include:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Product Ownership
  • Vendor and Stakeholder Management


In all things we do, we believe agility is the best approach, and our own services are no different. Not everyone needs a full-time, long-term consultant or formal planning work at the moment, but could use our assistance in other ways. We offer our consulting services as a monthly retainer, a custom package, or in an a la carte format.

A few of our consulting offerings:

  • Ongoing project support
  • On call consulting
  • Training and Facilitation

Working With Us & Pricing

Many of the organizations that we work with have limited resources and people to meet all their organizational needs. Anneal is available not only for large initiatives, but also to help fill those gaps through retainer and one off packages. Through these packages, we can assist with any of the areas of our work (listed in our strategy, execution, and support headings above) to augment or mentor your staff.

Back of the Napkin

2 hours in length
  • This is a great idea or solution kickstarter.
  • Just need someone to help you think through an issue, discover opportunities, or establish an approach?
  • We can meet with you and your team over video, or in person in the Denver and Boulder areas.


8 hours in length
  • A great option when you need a few smaller sessions or a full day
  • We can meet with you and your team over video, or in person in the Denver and Seattle areas.
  • For full day sessions, travel to your location is negotiable.

On Call

3 month commitment
$1500 /month
  • Customizable packages start at 3 months and 10 hours per month
  • A great way to get in-house expertise without the cost of an employee.
  • The shared services nature of this approach allows you to work with an individual that has current work experience and exposure to multiple organizations and industry approaches.

Custom Packages

Packages for Long Term Initiatives
  • If you are looking for a longer commitment or working with us for a larger initiative, we are happy to put together a custom quote based on your needs.
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Occasionally Jen and Jamie share their experience and knowledge with others through keynotes, workshops, webinars, and more.
Check out our Speaking List to get an idea of what we have done in the past and feel free to reach out to talk with us about how
we can customize something for your organization or event.

Speaking List

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